Dr. Grandel Granodent Neem Toothpaste 50 ml

Dr. Grandel Granodent Neem Toothpaste 50 ml

Dr Grandel

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Strengthens sensitive gums. Protects against periodontal disease.

In India, branches of the NEEM tree are used to clean teeth. Before use, the end of such a twig is chewed until the wood fibers are exposed and resemble a brush.
Indians then use this brush to remove leftover food from their teeth and at the same time use it for dental care. The twig thus chewed is discarded after a single use. When chewing the twigs, the active ingredients reach the gums and prevent the spread of gingivitis there.
These observations led to the production of an alcohol-containing total extract from the bark of the Indian NEEM tree and its incorporation into DR. GRANDEL NEEM toothpaste. In combination with alcohol, NEEM has an inhibitory effect on the development of gingivitis.

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