Dr. Max Xylomax 1mg Nasal Spray 10 ml

Dr. Max Xylomax 1mg Nasal Spray 10 ml

Dr. Max

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Dr. Max Xylomax 1 mg / ml reduces swelling of the nasal mucosa, relieves the clogged nose and thus facilitates breathing in adults and children from 12 years of age.

Detailed product information

Dr. Max Xylomax 1 mg / ml is a nasal spray that relieves the clogged nose quickly and for a long time . It reduces swelling of the nasal mucosa and facilitates breathing through the full nose . The effect of this drug takes several minutes and takes several hours. Nasal Spray Xylomax Dr. Max 1 mg / ml is suitable for children from 12 years of age and adults.


Adults and children from the age of 12 apply 1-3 times a day 1 injection into each nostril. Between two doses, the time should be 8-10 hours.

For children from 2 to 12 years of age, Xylomax Dr. Max 0.5 mg / ml is also available.

Do not take for more than 1 week without consulting your doctor.


The active substance is xylometazoline hydrochloride 1 mg in 1 ml. One dose (138 microliters) contains 140 micrograms xylometazoline hydrochloride.

Other excipients are benzalkonium chloride, disodium edetate dihydrate, sodium dihydrogen phosphate dihydrate, disodium hydrogen phosphate dodecahydrate, sodium chloride and purified water.


Our tip:

Do not use Dr. Max Xylomax for more than 1 week in the treatment of acute rhinitis. We recommend using sea ​​water solutions as supplementary care  . Hypertonic solutions are used in the short term to reduce mucosal edema, isotonic solutions can be used for an unlimited period of time and have a particularly preventive and hygienic function. During the rhythm, the nose tends to get mucus and dry strokes, and the drug gets through the mucous membrane where it's going to get through these impurities. Therefore, before each administration of nasal drops, inject the seawater into your nose , throttling thoroughly, and then spraying or popping the medicinal product. In order to promote the overall defenses of the organism, take care of the increased intake of vitamins, especially vitamin C.

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