Magister Doskar VET 7 drops against ligament weakness, hoof and bone formation 50 ml

Magister Doskar VET 7 drops against ligament weakness, hoof and bone formation 50 ml

Magister Doskar

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Homeopathic medicinal specialty

Conventional conventional medicine and homeopathic remedies are not opposites. They can and must often be used in parallel as a supplement.

In the series of homeopathic combination remedies from Magister Doskar you will also find homeopathic drops especially for animals, which can bring lasting improvement to many of the ailments that occur in everyday life. Animals are soul beings and are much more directly at the mercy of their feelings than humans. Homeopathy can offer valuable support here.

The series of homeopathic combination remedies by Magister Doskar was developed together with the Graz doctor and homeopath Dr. Siegfried Wagner developed. If you have any questions, please contact your doctor, homeopath or pharmacist.

The effects of the individual ingredients are discussed below:

The appropriate potencies of homeopathic medicines can synergistically strengthen and optimize the connective tissue of the bones, the skin, the ligaments and the mucous membrane areas. The contained substances not only guarantee a functional absorption in the organism, but as a complex they have a catalytic effect in these areas of the metabolism.

Calcium fluoratum and Silicea, fluorspar and silicic acid
are considered home remedies for weak connective tissue and complement and potentiate each other's effects. Calcium fluoratum is especially effective in the area of ​​the elastic fibrous substance and silicic acid in the area of ​​the strength of the connective tissue, even if it is supposed to be the differentiation of inflammatory processes from time to time.

Calcium carbonicum
The calcium metabolism processes play a major role when it comes to the functionality of the skin and cell borders. Carbonate of lime is particularly important in young, adolescent, and old animals.

Calcium phosphoricum, lime phosphate,
has a dominant role in the lime metabolism and is significantly involved in the establishment of the strength of the holding and supporting apparatus.
Growth places the greatest demands on the calcium phosphate metabolism. 99% of the lime contained in the skeleton is present as phosphate of lime. Due to the 12th potency
of this medicine, it is possible to stimulate these metabolic processes and to achieve a strengthening.
The drugs mentioned and their drug pictures activate the self-healing tendency of the organism.

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