POSIFORLID eye mask 1 pair

POSIFORLID eye mask 1 pair

Dr. Max

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The self-heating eye mask helps with inflammation of the eyelids, disorders of the glands in the eyelids, barley grain and chalazion (wolf grain). Simple and effective heating of the eyelids in blepharitis and Meibomian gland dysfunction. By heating the eyelid, the POSIFORLID® eye mask helps to liquefy the secretion, softens the crusts and promotes blood circulation at the edges of the eyelids. Relieves problems such as dry, tired, burning or excessively tearing eyes. The eye mask is activated by a simple system of fracture, after about one minute it reaches the specified temperature. It maintains a constant temperature of approx. 45 ° C for 5-7 minutes and can be used repeatedly approximately 90 times.

Main features:

  • easy to use
  • self-heating
  • repeated use up to 90 times


Gel mask, which contains two metal discs and is made of phthalate-free PVC and a solution of salts in water (sodium acetate). It does not contain latex.


Eyelid heating should be performed twice a day, usually for a long time. Regular use of POSIFORLID eye mask brings quick and lasting relief during rest.


Do not use the mask for certain forms of eczema (moist heat may worsen certain types of eczema), for increased intraocular pressure-glaucoma (the eyes must not be too much pressure, in which case do not overtighten the elastic cap or place the eye mask on the eyes without using an elastic cap). Have you had cataract surgery or glaucoma less than a month ago? Be careful when massaging the upper eyelids. Do not use the POSIFORLID® eye mask if you notice that the eye mask is leaking or damaged. After about 90 uses, the effectiveness of the eye mask decreases.

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