RIOCATH rectal tube pink

RIOCATH rectal tube pink


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The Riocath rectal tube for infants is a medical device intended for home use to drain gas from the rectum. Its key and patented part is a flexible double-walled tube which, by overcoming the sphincter of the baby's rectum, slides a few centimeters into the end segment of the infant's digestive tract, allowing the accumulation of accumulated gas causing colic pain by overstretching the intestinal wall.
Riocath's unique patented mechanism eliminates the development of unwanted conditioned reflexes in babies and thus eliminates the only risk of rectal tubes commonly used today.

- sensitive - the infant does not feel the introduction itself,
- effective - immediate release of accumulated gas,
- easy handling - the pipe can be operated with one hand,
- easy to apply,
- no risk of dependence on infants,
- the insertion length is determined - the profile extends to a maximum length of 2.5 cm, you do not have to worry about the safety of use.

The package contains 1 piece in blue.

Dosage and method of use

The product is for single use only. It is a good idea to consult your doctor or pharmacist about using a rectal tube.

1. After removing from the package, hold the Riocath rectal tube by the teddy bear's head so that the teddy bear's ears point downwards (the teddy bear's head is upside down).
2. In this position, place the Riocath rectal tube under running water so that the water flows into the gap between the thicker and thinner tube, just below the teddy bear's head.
3. Then hold the teddy bear's head with one hand and a thinner (movable) tube with an extended end with the other hand. Push the tube several times and pull it out again. Insertion and removal must be easy.
4. Place the infant on its back, massage the abdomen briefly before inserting the rectal tube.
5. Hold the Riocath rectal tube in your hand with your thumb resting on the extended end of the thinner (movable) tube and your middle finger index finger against the teddy bear's ears.
6. Hold the baby's feet up with one hand and place the Riocath rectal tube with the introducer to the rectum with the other hand. Slowly press your thumb to insert the tube into your rectum. You don't have to worry about how deep the pull-out part should be inserted, it extends a maximum length of 2.5 cm, which is one of the important features of our Riocath rectal tube.
7. After insertion, wait until the infant has pushed the accumulated gas through the tube.
8. Then grasp the rectal tube by the teddy bear's head with one hand and pull the thinner (moving) tube back to its original position with the other hand.

After inserting the Riocath rectal tube into the infant's buttocks, do not turn it unnecessarily.
When pulling out, make sure that the thinner moving tube is fully extended back to the basic position.

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