CANVIT Garlic tablets 1 kg

CANVIT Garlic tablets 1 kg


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Supplementary feed for horses in the form of tablets with the addition of garlic and brewer's yeast.

Tablets with the addition of garlic and brewer's yeast supplementary feed for horses. Garlic tablets have a repellent effect with long-term use (at least 14 days). When sweating, the horse repels flies. The beneficial effects of garlic on the body are also reflected in better food intake, digestion and regulation of metabolic processes. It creates unfavorable conditions for intestinal parasites, has bactericidal effects, has a suitable effect on the prevention of inflammatory conditions, has an antisclerotic effect (aging and old animals), etc. Almost all animals are positively sensitive to garlic, garlic stimulates and supports feed intake with its dietary properties, affects the overall condition of the animals. The tablets are usually accepted without problems. Daily dose approx. 15-20 tablets. Package 0.5 or 1 kg.

Important properties
- Repellent effect with long-term use
- Supports, better food intake and digestion
- Helps regulate metabolic processes
- Has bactericidal effects
- Acts to prevent inflammatory conditions
- Acts antisclerotic, so it is suitable for aging and old horses

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