Digital alcohol tester AL 2500

Digital alcohol tester AL 2500

AL 2500

  • $95.50

The AL2500 alcohol tester is a compact, reliable and elegant-looking digital alcohol meter. It is easy to operate, lightweight and small in size, yet has a large readable display. The display is automatically backlit for night use. It measures up to 4 per mille. It is calibrated, no mouthpieces are needed. Winner of the MF Dnes test.

Dosage and method of use

Briefly press the ON button. Wait until 0.00 appears on the display and you will hear 2 beeps. After this signal, the device is ready for use. Blow evenly into the detector from a distance of approx. 2 cm (2sec) until the beep. Within 2 seconds, the test result will be shown on the display.


Do not use the product immediately after smoking or drinking alcohol.
Smoke or alcohol can damage the detector sensor.