Fagron Neogen NeoOil ™ hair oil 4x5 ml

Fagron Neogen NeoOil ™ hair oil 4x5 ml


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Neogen NeoOil ™ oil contains the highest concentration of TrichoTech ™, which actively supports the growth of new hair .

Unique hair care for the hair and scalp that supports hair growth . It contains 100% natural ingredient TrichoTech ™, which consists of 7 essential oils  from Brazilian plantations.

Neogen řady dermocosmetics are widely used for everyday care. It does not contain controversial ingredients and its benefits are supported by scientific evidence and published works. 

Hair oil with TrichoTech technology ™

  • It contains the highest concentration of TrichoTech ™
  • Hydrates the scalp and hair
  • Restores the fatty acids of the hydrolipid mantle of the scalp
The patented TrichoTech technologie technology includes

7 essential oils obtained from Brazilian plantations

The Neogen ™ treatment supports hair growth, strength and shine. Restores the natural hydrolipid surface, regulates sebum production and prevents itchy skin.

  • Rosemary
    leaf oil helps fight hair loss; with antioxidant effect.
  • Lavender
    Herbal lavender oil helps fight hair loss; with antioxidant antimicrobial effect.
  • Juniper General
    Juniper fruit oil with antibacterial, antifungal and anti-inflammatory effect.
  • Amyris balsamífera
    Sandalwood oil made of amyris bark with antimicrobial and antioxidant effect.
  • Kajeput alternating
    leaves Tea - tree leaf oil with antibacterial and antifungal effect.
  • Juniper Virginia
    Juniper wood oil helps prevent hair loss; with antibacterial effect.
  • Eucalyptus
    leaf oil with antioxidant and antimicrobial effect.

How to use the Neogen line against hair loss?

  1. Leave the oil on 1 or 2 times a week for 10 minutes before applying the shampoo.
  2. Apply the shampoo to wet hair, massage for two minutes and finally rinse thoroughly. Repeat washing if necessary.
  3. Apply conditioner after shampooing, leave on for 2-3 minutes and then rinse thoroughly. 

How does TrichoTech ™ technology work?

TrichoTech technology is a unique technology based on short-term steam distillation, during which specific mixtures of phytomolecules with a terpene structure are obtained from plants. 

Phichocomplex TrichoTech ™ :

  • Stimulates fibroblast growth factors
  • Increases fibroblast proliferation
  • Increases collagen synthesis by up to 30%

 Stages of the hair cycle

During the Neogene phase, stem cells are activated, which regenerate the follicle.

It is a transition phase of regeneration between the resting telogen phase and the transition to the next growth anagen phase.

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