HELAN MAMMA Anti-stretch mark cream for pregnant women 150 ml

HELAN MAMMA Anti-stretch mark cream for pregnant women 150 ml


  • $65.50

HELAN MAMMA Anti-stretch mark cream for pregnant women takes care of the skin during pregnancy and after childbirth. It prevents the sagging of the skin , which is usually caused by the breakdown of collagen fibers. Helps reduce stretch marks. It is easily absorbed, does not leave a greasy film and does not cause stains on clothes.


  • firms and smoothes the skin
  • helps reduce traces of stretch marks
  • leaves skin soft and supple


Thanks to the properties of argan and almond oil , which are rich in essential fatty acids, your skin will remain supple, nourished and soft . The contained vitamins C and E provide great nutrition to the skin.


The cream is suitable for everyday use. Apply regularly throughout pregnancy and for the first few months after delivery. Once or twice a day, massage the cream into the skin of the abdomen, buttocks, thighs and breasts with light circular movements.

About the brand

HELAN certified natural cosmetics  are based on the use of pure natural ingredients, a long tradition and research with modern technologies that can make the best use of plant potential. For its cosmetics, it carefully selects only certified ingredients, especially from local suppliers . The aim is to create ethical products that are fair to nature, people and their work . That's why they are completely invented, made and packaged only in Italy. 

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