Panaceo Sport Pro Support Powder 200 gr

Panaceo Sport Pro Support Powder 200 gr


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To support the regeneration of the intestinal wall (leaky gut) during increased physical stress. 100% natural medical product. Ideal for competitive and hobby athletes.

100 g powder contain:

  • PMA zeolite 80 g
  • Dolomite 20 g (of which calcium 4.48 g, magnesium 2.56 g)
  • Kapsel: Cellulose 90 mg


Take 1 level scoop 1 - 2 times a day with meals with a glass (at least 100 ml) of water. Before intense exertion (training & competition), stir 1 scoop into the respective sports drink.

The duration of intake should be at least 12 weeks or as long as the recurring physical stresses are given.

Also try the PANACEO ENERGY products as a strong supplement to PANACEO SPORT PRO-SUPPORT!

Medical product: Please follow the instructions for use (label) carefully.

Train harder while staying healthy.
To support the regeneration of the intestinal wall (leaky gut) during increased physical stress.


Alleviation of gastrointestinal complaints during sport
Reduction of training dropouts


Support for regeneration and performance
Positive influence on the immune system


Natural Measurable Reduction of a Leaky Gut Anti-
inflammatory Tendency

Effectiveness scientifically proven!

PANACEO has gold standard studies carried out with its own products. The effect has therefore only been proven for products with PANACEO zeolite.

PANACEO SPORT PRO-SUPPORT is the basis for every healthy sports drink.

Have you probably been affected before? Have you ever thought about a leaky gut?

According to sports medicine research, the following symptom complexes can be traced back to recurring physical overload:

  • Performance-reducing gastrointestinal complaints (bloating, cramps, diarrhea, ...)
  • Longer regeneration times
  • Lack of training progress
  • Frequent infections
  • Elevated lactate levels and pulse/heart rates

Since the symptoms mentioned can have many causes, always consult your trusted doctor and pharmacist for all health questions or complaints!

PANACEO SPORT PRO-SUPPORT can repair your leaky gut and ensure that it stays tight. This effect, proven in a “gold standard study”, ensures increased sporting resilience.

Since the intestine is also considered the center of the immune system, taking PANACEO SPORT PRO-SUPPORT also has an effect on your health. And as the saying goes: only a healthy body is efficient!

Your health is important to us:

  • Highest raw material quality
  • Certified medical product
  • 100% pure natural product
  • 20 years of research
  • Independent gold standard study
  • Measurably higher impact
  • Patented PMA technology
  • Made in Austria
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