Souletto Motivation Time Pink Pepper & Lime scented candle 65 g


  • $49.50

Awaken your full determination and motivation. The Souletto Motivation Time Pink Pepper & Lime scented candle with an uplifting scent will always push you forward. The combination of pink pepper and lime notes can restore the drive that lies within you to achieve all your goals.


  • the scented candle gradually perfumes the room with a rich, fresh scent
  • the fragrance is stimulating, radiant, intense at the same time
  • positively affects the mind to improve performance
  • in a beautiful elegant design
  • the decorative metal "carousel" from the Souletto Lovely Time and Souletto Magical Time scented candles fits this candle exactly, which rotates while burning (not included in this candle)

Fragrance composition:
In the first moments, fresh citrus notes of lime and tangerine with spicy ginger are most evident. After that, pink pepper is released, which accompanies the floral notes presented by the lily, and everything is spiced up with a pinch of cardamom and clove. The fragrance is given stability by notes of sandalwood, musk or patchouli, which brings a slightly smoky undertone.

The smell and effects of pink pepper:
Pink pepper, also known as "baie rose", is one of the hottest ingredients in perfumery. The tree from which these berries are obtained was considered sacred by the ancient Incas. The scent of pink pepper helps you stay alert and improves stamina.


  • 50-55% soy wax, 40-45% mineral wax
  • 100% cotton wick

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