Hafesan Artichoke 250 mg 75 capsules

Hafesan Artichoke 250 mg 75 capsules


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Alcohol, sumptuous food...
...and no desire for aftermath?

Do you like to eat extensively and are you not averse to drinking alcohol? Even if the food is in your stomach and the alcohol goes to your head: your body is trying to work off the stress. Help him! The top favorite among the plants that are used in such cases is the artichoke - now easy and convenient to take with hafesan artichoke capsules.

Artichoke taken before heavy meals or alcohol consumption improves fat digestion and prevents after-effects, such as feelings of fullness or discomfort, after partying.

Since the 17th century, the artichoke has not only been regarded as a culinary delicacy, but also highly valued for its health-promoting value. Artichoke stimulates liver and bile, improves fat digestion, has a positive effect on cholesterol levels and supports liver function.

hafesan artichoke capsules - so you can celebrate carefree again!

Only pure, tested artichoke stalk powder without chemical additives is used for hafesan artichoke capsules (binders are added to tablets). hafesan artichoke capsules are tasteless and can therefore be taken easily and regularly.

hafesan artichoke capsules are free of lactose, preservatives and colorings and are suitable for diabetics.

Consumption recommendation:

Take one capsule whole before the main meal with sufficient liquid.


Artichoke Stem Leaf Powder, Gelatin. Separating agent: magnesium salts of fatty acids.

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