Hafesan saw palmetto forte for women 60 capsules

Hafesan saw palmetto forte for women 60 capsules


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Protection for women's bladder and urinary tract!

Frequent urges to urinate and an uncomfortable emptying of the bladder or the feeling of not being able to empty the entire bladder are common problems for women. Women going through the menopause are particularly affected by the hormonal changes.
Experts therefore recommend taking these problems seriously and protecting the woman's bladder and urinary tract with herbal alternatives. hafesan saw palmetto forte capsules for women care for the bladder and urinary tract from the inside, strengthen the bladder muscles and promote urination. The regular intake of hafesan saw palmetto forte capsules for women can lead to a significant improvement, especially with frequent urges to urinate (even at night).

Free from lactose, coloring and preservatives and suitable for diabetics.

Consumption recommendation:

Take one capsule daily in the morning with sufficient liquid.


Nettle root powder, birch leaf powder, gelatine, pumpkin seed powder, saw palmetto fruit extract, release agent magnesium salts of fatty acids.

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