ThermaCare period pain 2 heat packs

ThermaCare period pain 2 heat packs


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The ThermaCare heat pads for menstrual pain generate soothing, therapeutic deep heat for at least 8 hours, relaxing the muscles and effectively relieving pain.

ThermaCare heat pads for menstrual pain relieve menstrual pain quickly and effectively by lastingly relaxing the muscles. The skin-friendly pads with 10 patented heat cells are discreet and comfortable to wear.

When do I use ThermaCare warming pads?

To avoid menstrual cramps restricting your active everyday life, the first signs of menstrual pain or abdominal tension should be treated with heat at an early stage.

The heat pads should not be used on diseased, injured or damaged skin, on bruises and swellings or on parts of the body that do not feel hot.

How do I apply ThermaCare warming pads?

Please only open the packaging of the ThermaCare heat pads just before use. Take the heat pad out of the airtight packaging and remove the protective film. Then stick the warming pad in your panties at stomach height with the adhesive surface facing the underwear. Do not stick directly to the skin.

Tip: In order not to cause an uncomfortable feeling of warmth, we recommend that you do not wear the heat pads directly under a tight waistband or belt.

After about 30 minutes of warming up, the therapeutic temperature of about 40°C is reached and kept constant for the rest of the prescribed treatment period. The ThermaCare heat pad now provides constant, soothing deep heat for at least 8 hours.

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