VUOKKOSET Cotton Night Wings Pads 9 pcs

VUOKKOSET Cotton Night Wings Pads 9 pcs


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Health safety and minimal impact on the environment , these are the biggest advantages of VUOKKOSET brand Cotton Night Wings . They do not cause any skin irritation and do not harm your body - they do not contain any chemicals, such as chlorine, or fragrances or plastics. They are made of Finnish cellulose, which is 100% biodegradable, and the insoles are soft, soft and comfortable to wear. They also excel in excellent absorption and breathability. You will find 9 pieces in the package.

  • Special cotton insoles from the Finnish brand VUOKKOSET
  • They do not contain any chemicals, chlorine, allergens, irritating odors, viscose or plastics
  • They do not cause skin irritation
  • Excellent absorption and breathability
  • The insoles are soft, soft and comfortable to wear
  • Made of Finnish cellulose
  • Federation Certificate on Allergies and Asthma
  • Ideal for demanding customers with sensitive skin
  • Great for the night

Nature-friendly product

The production of VUOKKOSET Cotton Night Wings inserts  uses a hydroelectric power plant, so no CO 2 emissions are generated . Finnish cellulose is used as the material, which is 100% biodegradable - the waste is only recycled or incinerated, not disposed of in landfills. Production is evaluated by a certificate that confirms the minimum burden on the environment . So if you care about minimal waste production, but also want to use non-hazardous inserts, the VUOKKOSET brand  will certainly be a great choice.

Package content:
9 pcs

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