Aurora Scents Deciduous Winter Eau de Parfum 100 ml + 8 ml travel bottle

Aurora Scents

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Enjoy a unique fragrance experience with women's eau de parfum Winter from the Aurora Scents brand. An elegant fragrance that will warm you even on the coldest days and delight your senses with the scent of exotic fruits and fresh notes of bergamot and orange. Sweet fruity notes are perfectly balanced by spicy accords, among which pink pepper and cumin stand out. The exclusive eau de parfum will delight you not only with its fragrance, but also with its elegant bottle, which will become the new favorite accessory of all extraordinary women.

Accept the invitation of Aurora Scents and embark on a magical journey to the most extraordinary essences from all corners of the world. Extraordinary fragrance compositions, the creation of which world-renowned perfumers such as Dominique Ropion, Alberto Morillas, Lorenzo De Mosici or MH Gerashi took part, go beyond ordinary perfumes and evoke fascinating sensory experiences thanks to carefully selected ingredients from around the world, which are hidden in bottles that are a work of art in themselves.


Head exotic fruit; spicy notes
Basis caraway seeds
Heart bergamot; orange; pink pepper

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