NEOBOTANICS CBD Hot Skin gel 100 ml

NEOBOTANICS CBD Hot Skin gel 100 ml


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NEOBOTANICS CBD Hot Skin is a powerfully warming gel with eucalyptus and clove essential oils. It contains hemp oil + cannabidiol (CBD) in a non-micellar nano-form that enables effective absorption . The gel is intended for relaxing massage of the skin in the area of ​​tired or stiff muscles . A massage with a warming gel refreshes and helps remove the feeling of fatigue after increased physical exertion and sports training .

Main features

  • strongly warming gel with cloves and eucalyptus
  • to massage the skin in the area of ​​tired or stiff muscles
  • the contained cannabidiol (CBD) , isolated from hemp, has soothing properties on the skin, shows effects against free radicals produced by UV radiation and provides an antimicrobial effect
  • also suitable for long-term use
  • also suitable for active athletes


The product contains essential oils and other natural active substances in a high concentration - if you are prone to allergic reactions to cosmetic products, we recommend first performing a tolerance test on a small part of the skin. Do not use the product on mucous membranes with skin with open wounds or abrasions. Wash your hands after application.

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