Annayake Ultratime anti-aging night cream 50ml


  • $210.50

The skin affected by stress and harmful factors on a daily basis deserves a break overnight. Annayake Ultratime Night Anti-Aging Night Cream works effectively during your sleep, preventing signs of premature aging from becoming permanent. The concentrated composition with nine essential vitamins supplies the cells with energy for complete nocturnal recovery.

The active substance rytnium, in turn, contributes to strengthening the cell's cohesion and barrier function of the skin. Almond extract in a soft and silky texture is pleasantly absorbed into the skin immediately after application, leaving it supple and satisfied. In the morning after waking up, your skin is ready to go again to fight against time and the adverse effects of the modern world.


  • helps regenerate skin cells during the night
  • protects the skin from the signs of premature aging
  • strengthens the structure of the skin and supports its defenses
  • leaves skin supple and relaxed


  • complex of 9 vitamins - helps cell renewal
  • rytnium - stimulates and synchronizes the cohesion of skin cells
  • Almond extract and ceramides - give the skin a comfortable feeling

How to apply:
Use the cream every night. Using the included spatula, apply a small amount to the palms first and then massage it into the face and neck with your fingers.

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