BIONE Hair stimulation serum KERATIN + CAFFEINE 215 ml

BIONE Hair stimulation serum KERATIN + CAFFEINE 215 ml


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Unique pro-growth stimulating massage hair serum.

Unique pro-growth stimulating massage hair serum. In a unique way, it combines the regeneration of already grown hair with the support of new hair growth and the reduction of hair loss. Your hair is strengthened and regenerated by a chemical reaction of the hair with keratin hydrolyzate. The product is enriched with the popular caffeine, which according to studies is a proven stimulant of hair follicle growth. The serum contains bioactive ingredients that suppress the effect of TGF-beta, which is responsible for the natural slowing down of hair growth. It also contains substances that suppress androgenic alopecia and substances that are responsible for shortening the hair loss time along with the accelerated onset and development of new hair growth (stimulates the skin's own FGF − 7). The hair acquires shine, strength and does not frizz. After 3 months of use, up to 95% of users show a significant reduction in hair loss,

Use: Spread the hair to expose the skin and apply the product with an applicator, massage into the skin by hand. Treat your hair regularly for min. 3 months and further as needed. Do not apply to hair, only to the scalp! Massage your skin carefully and vigorously. When washing your hair, properly remove fats and dead scalp cells with your fingers. Occasionally massage the scalp with a brush. This softens and removes hardened skin cells in the hair, the skin is perfused and nourishes the hair better. DO NOT RINSE! The preparation contains popular and widely used active ingredients in similar preparations such as caffeine, nucleotide adenosine, panthenol, amino acids taurine, arginine, to promote hair pigmentation tyrosine, vitamins biotin and nicotinamide, keratin hydrolyzate from sheep wool, sugars inositol and fructose,

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