BIONE Special anti-wrinkle serum HONEY + Q10, 40 ml

BIONE Special anti-wrinkle serum HONEY + Q10, 40 ml


  • $35.50

Very light, fast absorbing serum.

Very light, fast absorbing serum. It contains proven and popular active ingredients with anti-wrinkle activity, protective, emollient, moisturizing and regenerating. Combining a high proportion of coenzyme Q10 (0.1%), modern carnosine, multifunctional lipoamine with natural honey and propolis, nicotinamide, panthenol, glycerin, inositol, tocopherol, shea butter, rare mother slurry and others provides a path to beautiful manicured skin for many years . The cream is very gentle, content exclusively without allergenic perfume: up to 0.1% by weight. Fat phase content: up to 12% by weight. Content of non-ionic emulsifiers: 0.0 wt. 

Apply only with clean fingers to the skin of the face in a very thin layer and let it soak. It can be used as a day or night, as well as a base for make-up. Does not contain a UV filter. Apply to the facial skin at least once a day, regularly and for a long time.

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