CURAPROX CS 1560 soft toothbrush

CURAPROX CS 1560 soft toothbrush


  • $28.50

Toothbrushes from the Sensitive range, thanks to which your teeth will soon be smooth, clean and naturally whiter. Curaprox CS 1560 is suitable for a transitional period to acquire the habit of fine brushes for users who have been accustomed to hard brushes. The special bristles of the Curaprox brush are made of modern CUREN material, the properties of which do not change even after soaking with water. For this reason, it is possible to make the fibers thinner and the whole process of brushing teeth softer than with conventional toothbrushes. At the same time, the small head of the Curaprox brush guarantees more intensive and gentle cleaning.
The photo is illustrative only. The color of the product is sent according to the current stock!

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