DERMAPRO Gynecological bath salt 500g

DERMAPRO Gynecological bath salt 500g


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Gynecological bath salt helps with unpleasant vaginal infections and inflammation. It relieves itching and burning in yeast infections and inflammation, provides quick relief, strengthens vaginal immunity and at the same time has a positive effect on the whole organism. It is an ideal product for preventing and reducing the recurrence of infections. The product has antiseptic and antifungal effects. Provides refreshing purity to intimate parts. It is suitable for use in acute and recurrent fungal and bacterial infections, for women after childbirth (accelerates healing, reduces pain, solves postpartum hemorrhoids), during pregnancy and before childbirth (may reduce the risk of possible infection), after surgery or gynecological surgery, after a visit swimming pools, after taking antibiotics, for pain and muscle cramps. This gynecological salt is also recommended by doctors for pediatric gynecology.

Dosage and method of use

For a bath, dissolve 200-250 grams of salt in warm water. Relax in the bath for 15-20 minutes (without the use of soap and shower gels).
To prepare a sitting bath, use 50g / 100 g of product per 3.5 / 7 liters of water, and relax in a sitting bath for 5-10 minutes (with continuous rinsing of intimate areas).
After a bath or sitting bath, take a shower with clean water. For vaginal lavage, prepare a solution of 20 g of the product (approx. 3-4 tea.lž.) and 0.5 liter of warm (boiled or bottled water). You can rinse with a syringe or with a special applicator.
In children, half the dosage is recommended after consultation with a doctor.


The product contains a guaranteed 100% natural ingredient.


Do not use if you are allergic to any of the ingredients in the product.

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