Dr. Grepl MEMORY PLUS men's insole inserts 41-47 - 1 pair

Dr. Grepl MEMORY PLUS men's insole inserts 41-47 - 1 pair


  • $28.50

Insoles with MEMORY technology for maximum comfort and convenience. Memory foam insoles copy the anatomy of the foot exactly when stepped on. They are soft and protect the tread and facilitate active movement.
Ideal for standing people and active athletes. They cushion and absorb pressure, absorb moisture. They are ultralight and thin, they adapt to any shoe. Can be washed by hand or in a washing machine in water up to 30 ° C and air dried.
The inserts are sealed around the perimeter - heat treated. After trimming, the shape is preserved only in the front part at the point of trimming there is an increase in material, which compresses the foot after putting on, because it is very soft and shapes exactly the drawing of the foot in the shoe. Trim after drawing the shape at the tip with sharp scissors on the reverse side by squeezing the material between two fingers.

Package contains 1 pair. Men's size: 7-12 / 41-47. Uncut men's size corresponds to size 47.

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