Ecce Vita Herbal tea Female 30+, 50 g

Ecce Vita Herbal tea Female 30+, 50 g

Ecce Vita

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A mixture of herbs to support young women according to the original Ecce Vita recipe.

For this mixture, we chose herbs that are known to support and refresh the body.

Buttercup supports the normal condition of joints and muscles, refreshes the body, helps maintain the normal functioning of the vascular system, helps with the feeling of "heavy legs". Marigold supports digestion, liver and intestinal function and refreshes the body. Pink stonecrop is one of the adaptogens that support the nervous system, help with fatigue and stress. Yarrow has a positive effect on fat metabolism, blood cholesterol, weight control, menstrual comfort, vascular and respiratory system, digestion. Narrow-leaved motherwort is an antioxidant, it has a positive effect on the functions of the urinary system. Hluchavka bílá supports premenstrual and menstrual comfort, digestion and excretion of water from the body. Pink stonecrop is an adaptogen, it has a positive effect on stress, fatigue and the nervous system. Pastala decomposable promotes sexual health, weight control,

Content: 50 g


1-3 cups a day. In the case of three cups a day, drink 6-8 weeks. In the case of one cup a day, you can drink 3-4 months.

Preparation: Pour 1 teaspoon (2 g) in boiling water (200-250 ml) and let it infuse for 10-15 minutes.


Alchemilla vulgaris (Alchemilla vulgaris) , Callendula officinalis (marigold) , Achillea millefolium (Yarrow) , Turnera diffusa (Pastala rozkladitá) , Thymus serpyllum (Creeping Thyme) , Lamium album (Lamium album) , Rhodiola rosea (Rhodiola rosea)

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