ENERGY King Kong herbal concentrate 30 ml

ENERGY King Kong herbal concentrate 30 ml


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Energy King Kong is a dietary supplement containing herbal extracts, essential oils and bioinformation ingredients in a mutually balanced complex. It is an excellent supplement for athletes, people with increased physical and mental demands, seniors and patients in convalescence after injuries and operations. The basic plant is medical smilax with a significant proportion of natural steroid saponins. The herbal extract consists of Benedictine hawthorn, hawthorn, Sudan hibiscus, Chinese clover, large-flowered hemp, grilled catfish, milk thistle, sea buckthorn, smilax, three-leaved alfalfa, alfalfa, ginseng, Sichuan pux, mu-shur and d-pepper.

Benedict medical contributes to normal digestion and normal function of the respiratory system.
Hawthorn contributes to good sleep, to the normal function of the nervous and circulatory system, provides a relaxing effect.
Sudanese hibiscus supports the function of the gallbladder.
Large-flowered hemp and cat cat support the normal functions of the respiratory system.
Milk thistle is rich in antioxidants that contribute to healthy digestion, support the liver, heart, resilience and immunity, and contribute to the proper value of blood sugar.
Sea buckthorn contributes to the natural defenses, supports the immune system and helps good digestion.
Alfalfa contributes to normal blood cholesterol levels.
Ginseng contributes to mental health and relaxation, it is a powerful antioxidant.

The package size is 30 ml.

Dosage and method of use

Recommended dosage: Adults 2 - 7 drops 1 - 3 times a day. Children from 12 years 7 drops per day. Children from 3 years 2 drops per day. (7 drops correspond to 0.35 ml)
After three weeks of use, a weekly break is required before the next treatment. Shake before use. It is recommended to increase fluid intake while taking the product. Use within 3 months of opening.


The composition of the 7 drops dose is: herbal extract 82.6% [Smilax medica (radix) 0.063ml, Medicago sativa (herba) 0.027ml, Menyanthes trifoliata (fibr. Fol.) 0.025ml, Galeopsis segetum (herba) 0.022ml, Cnicus benedictus (herba) 0,022ml, Liriosma ovata (lig.) 0,022ml, Schizandra chinensis (fruct. tot.) 0,022ml, Zanthoxylum piperitum (seeds) 0,022ml, Eryngium campestre (herba) 0,015ml, Codonopsis pilosula (radix) 0,010ml, Crataegus monogyna (folium c / fl.) 0,010ml, Hibiscus sabdariffa (flos) 0,010ml, Hippophaë rhamnoides (fructus) 0,010ml, Panax ginseng (radix) 0,010ml, Silybum marianum (seeds) 0,010ml)], sorbitol - thickener, cellulose - thickener, water, xanthan - thickener, potassium sorbate - preservative, mixture of essential oils 0.12%, grapefruit extract less than 0.0001%.


The product is not intended for children under 3 years. Use during pregnancy and lactation consult your doctor.

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