Four Seasons Regenerating Equalizer 14ml

Four Seasons Regenerating Equalizer 14ml

Four Seasons

  • $25.50

Pinkish velvety matt Regenerating leveler fills grooves, smoothes unevenness and imperfections of nails and at the same time strengthens and regenerates fragile, weak and fraying nails. Keratin, which is the main component of nails, hydrates, nourishes and softens the nail plate, arginine supports nail growth, vitamin E protects nails from damage. Tee trea oil, which has disinfectant, antiseptic and antifungal effects, reduces nail fragility.

Dosage and method of use

Apply to nails in the case of transversely grooved nails before using colored varnishes as a floor, or separately as a natural matt varnish.

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