Francodex spray Zen & Calm dog 100 ml

Francodex spray Zen & Calm dog 100 ml


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Some situations can be stressful for your dog - traveling, visiting a vet when he has to stay alone at home or transporting in a transport box. Stress is manifested by hostile actions (barking, destruction of objects, aggression). It can also lead to health problems or excessive weight loss. The soothing, anti-stress formula of ZEN & CALM dog spray from Francodex Santé Animale calms your pet and protects it from all the negative consequences of stress.

Instructions for use

Apply in the immediate vicinity of the dog (litter, kenel) and around the house. While traveling, you can apply ZEN & CALM spray (2 to 3 splashes maximum) inside the car. Warning: Keep out of reach of children. Read the package leaflet before use. Empty bottles can be disposed of as normal waste. EUH208 - contains sweet-smelling perfume. May produce an allergic reaction. DO NOT APPLY DIRECTLY TO ANIMAL.


Cat's-tooth extract, alcohol, Valerian root extract, Passion fruit extract, Hawthorn extract, dyes, sweet-smelling perfume EUH208

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