L-MESITRAN SOFT Wound gel 250 g

L-MESITRAN SOFT Wound gel 250 g


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L- Medistran Soft is a wound gel with medical honey, medical lanolin, polyethylene glycol, and antioxidants vitamins C and E. It is intended for superficial and acute wounds, eg cuts, abrasions and transplant sites, first and second degree burns, chronic wounds , eg bedsores, shin, arterial and diabetic ulcers, malignant wounds (support of deodorization and cleansing), colonized acute wounds and (postoperative) surgical wounds. Package size: 250 g.

Dosage and method of use

Tube: Remove the lid, the mouth of the tube and clean the top of the lid with an alcohol swab. Push the top of the lid into the protective foil covering the nozzle, now do not squeeze the tube. Glass: remove the protective foil and lid. Wound application: Using a sterile spatula, apply a thin layer of L-Mesitran either directly to the wound site and surrounding tissue or to sterile gauze first. Cover and fix with a suitable secondary dressing, according to the amount of fluid flowing out of the wound. Check the wound and surrounding tissue regularly as required by local procedures. The frequency of application depends on the amount of exudate and the needs of the wound. Re-apply the product until it is absorbed (approximately every 24-48 hours). Always consult your doctor about the wound care procedure.


L-Mesitran Soft contains 40% medical honey, medical hypoallergenic lanolin (Medilan), propylene glycol, PEG 4000 and vitamins C and E.


Do not use in patients who are sensitive to the product or any of its ingredients.

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