Loreal Serioxyl Denser Hair serum 90 ml

Loreal Serioxyl Denser Hair serum 90 ml


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Serum to improve hair growth with a long-term result. 

Thickening hair serum, which helps improve hair density after only 6 weeks.

A treatment to increase hair density, which achieves unique results, up to 1,700 new hairs in 3 months.
It uses Stemoxydine 5% technology, which creates new hair faster by creating an optimal environment for stem cell stimulation.
Neohesperidin technology, a powerful antioxidant molecule found in many citrus fruits, also protects hair bulbs from oxidation and ensures that they work properly.

SERIOXYL is a professional program for delivering density, strengthening hair and stimulating the scalp.

Main active ingredients:

STEMOXYDINE 5% - A legendary molecule that awakens the sleeping follicle and creates new hair.

RESVERATROL - has a highly antioxidant effect, enhances the effects of Stemoxydin on the scalp to achieve expression results.


Apply 8 doses of the pipette evenly on the scalp every evening for 3 months. Massage with your fingertips until the product is absorbed. It does not rinse.

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