Remogen Omega Lubricant Eye Drops 20 ampules

Remogen Omega Lubricant Eye Drops 20 ampules


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The first eye drops with omega-3 fatty acids.

EMOGEN® OMEGA – Microemulsion of polyunsaturated fatty acids and moisturizing polymers.
REMOGEN® OMEGA has a soothing, refreshing and moistening effect, provides nutrients and moisture and protects the surface of the eye in all types of qualitatively or quantitatively changed or unstable tear film with an associated feeling of dryness, burning eyes and similar eye disorders. Specifically, it can be applied to:

  • Symptoms and signs of dry eye and/or
  • damage to the surface of the eye as a result of some diseases, such as
  • superficial keratitis,
  • Sjogren's Syndrome or
  • primary dry eye syndrome.

Remogen® Omega is available in a pack containing 20 single-dose containers of 0.25 ml each.

Unscrew the cap from the single-dose container, tilt your head back and hold the dropper opening over the eye to be treated. With the index finger of one hand, pull the lower eyelid down. A drop of REMOGEN® OMEGA solution is released by gently squeezing the container.
Unless otherwise recommended, put 1-2 drops of REMOGEN® OMEGA in the eye as needed. By blinking, the solution is distributed and forms a transparent and durable layer of liquid on the surface of the eye.
REMOGEN® OMEGA can also be used while wearing hard or soft contact lenses.

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