Baders Tea Tree Oil AMAX MA-100

Baders Tea Tree Oil AMAX MA-100


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Tea tree oil - the small diverse medicine cabinet - 100% Melaleuca alternifolia.
Pure essential oil from the ancestral plant of the Australian tea tree.

Tea tree oil MA•100 is not a mixture of different tea tree oils. All plants come from a selected plantation. Only fresh leaves and branch tips of the Australian tea tree Melaleuca alternifolia are used for tea tree oil MA•100. This type of myrtle in particular has the excellent care and protective properties repeatedly confirmed in the literature. Each batch of tea tree oil MA•100 is subject to strict controls in the country of origin and a comprehensive incoming goods inspection in Germany (including gas chromatography). Each batch is tested for identity and purity. The further processing is also carried out under constant pharmaceutical control.

Practical application tips: For sensitive, blemished or irritated skin:
Brush or rub the affected areas with tea tree oil. Use sparingly, repeat several times a day.
• For scalp care for itching and dandruff: Add 5-10 drops of tea tree oil to the shampoo or massage directly into the scalp.
• For foot odor and foot sweat: Apply tea tree oil lightly massaging or add 3-10 drops of tea tree oil to a foot bath (approx. 20 l warm water). Tea tree oil is also the ideal foot care protection when visiting swimming pools and saunas.
• Add 3-10 drops of tea tree oil as an additive to creams, lotions, shower and bath gels.
• For an invigorating massage: apply a few drops to the affected areas and massage in. Also ideal in combination with jojoba oil.
• For gum care and to prevent bad breath: Mix 5-10 drops of tea tree oil with water – drizzle directly on the corresponding areas or rinse well.
• Relaxing, soothing: as a fragrance oil, as an additive for the bath (mix with jojoba oil or lotion as an emulsifier) and as a sauna infusion.
• As a quick helper when travelling: It is best to carry it close at hand in a toiletry bag or handbag. For example, also for repelling insects and cleaning toilet seats.

Tip for quality protection:
Always keep the bottle in the folding box. This is how the light-sensitive tea tree oil is better protected from oxidation 

Important note:
Use externally only. Do not bring into the eyes. Secure from children.

Ingredients: Essential oils of, Melaleuca alternifolia

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