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Known and successfully used in folk medicine since time immemorial, this valuable local fruit is experiencing a new upswing as a natural donor of vitamins (especially C, but also A, B, K and E), lycopene, minerals and trace elements.

Packaged in their natural accompanying substances, these vital elements can be better absorbed and utilized by the human body than any pure chemical substance. This fruit can therefore make a high contribution to maintaining good health. Especially because of the beneficial influence on degenerative and inflammatory processes (e.g. in joints due to the content of galactolipids) or oxidative stress, this fruit is so highly valued by the 50+ generation.

The mother plant of the rosehip is the dog rose (Rosa canina L.) which can be found across Europe to North Africa. The actual fruits are inner rock-hard seeds, while the outer shell is called pseudo-fruit in botany.

Pharmaceutically, the rosehip is called Fructus Cynosbati and has been used as a medicinal drug since time immemorial, mainly because of its high vitamin C content.
The roots of dog roses penetrate deep into the earth, as a result of which this plant absorbs abundant minerals from the soil. In order to maintain a high concentration of the sensitive vitamins and nutrients, however, complex and gentle treatment procedures are necessary.

Rosehip powder Caesaro Med® - the difference to tea
From the knowledge of the sensitivity of the valuable ingredients, it is clear that only a special processing and preparation guarantees the quality of the rosehip product. Heat effects must be avoided in particular, such as those that occur when grinding too quickly or when brewing as tea.
For this reason, the absorption of nutrients when drinking rosehip tea cannot be achieved in any case with the rosehip powder Caesaro Med®. On the one hand, only the rosehip peel and not the core is used in tea, and on the other hand, only the water-soluble, rather "acidic" substances are dissolved out during tea preparation, which sometimes leads to stomach problems.

Science and research with rose hips
Rose hips are known for their high levels of vitamin C. Studies of blood levels showed that vitamin C from natural sources (e.g. rosehip powder) is absorbed twice as well by the body as synthetic (ascorbic acid). In addition to the main vitamin C, rosehip also contains the important phytochemicals such as polyphenols and galactolipids (GOPO).

Rosehip powder Caesaro Med is beautifully made from the whole fruit to preserve the highest level of the important ingredients in a stable, dry state.

At medical congresses and in specialist media, positive effects of taking high-quality rosehip powder are reported for joint inflammation (e.g. less need for painkillers), but also for inflammatory stomach or intestinal diseases and elevated cholesterol levels.

Recommendations for use
In years of use, the following recommendations have proven to be effective:Basic dose over a longer period of intake:
Adults take a heaped teaspoon (2.5 g) of powder or 5 capsules or 5 tablets daily with a meal, for children the amount is adjusted according to age and body weight.

Rosehip powder Caesaro Med® must not be heated under any circumstances, otherwise valuable ingredients will be lost. That is, do not prepare as tea or bake, cook, etc.!

Patience and perseverance
Rosehip powder and rosehip capsules Caesaro Med® are not a drug, not a chemical club that radically intervenes in biological processes. It therefore takes from one to three months of regular use until the beneficial effects are noticed.

For many people, a higher dose (4 teaspoons of powder or 6 capsules daily) has proven to be beneficial at the beginning of taking rosehip powder Caesaro Med® (2-10 weeks) - this will make positive changes noticeable more quickly.

Also for animals!
Rosehip powder contains many vitamins in a well-tolerated natural composition. Since the tasteless powder can be mixed very well in animal feed, it is an ideal addition to normal pet food - from rearing to performance enhancement or also the gentle treatment of joint inflammation (especially in dogs and horses).

The dose shall be adapted to the body weight of the animals or .dem purpose:
0.5 to 1 g per 10 kg body weight daily.
1 g powder contains approx. 10 mg vitamin C (average value for gently dried rosehip powder)

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