DentaSan ProbioGUM 30 pcs

DentaSan ProbioGUM 30 pcs

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DentaSan® ProbioGUM is a high-quality probiotic to promote and maintain oral health. The product is characterized by a careful selection of ingredients as well as conscientious production. The bacterial cultures contained have a positive influence on the bacterial colonization of the oral microbiota (oral flora).

Many people suffer from what is known as oral dysbiosis. This means that there is a bacterial imbalance in their mouth. Such dysbiosis can have many reasons. It is often caused by inadequate oral hygiene, stress, a poor and high-sugar diet or due to medication such as antibiotics.

Dysbiosis can have various health effects. These begin with increased sensitivity of the gums and bleeding gums, as well as increased formation of painful canker sores. They can even lead to severe inflammation of the gums (gingivitis) and the periodontium (periodontitis). Researchers have also found that poor oral health has an impact on cardiovascular disease.

For people who suffer from such health problems or are very susceptible in the mouth area, DentaSan ProbioGUM is recommended by many dental experts. They recommend it especially for use on the go in order to achieve the best possible protective effect. ®

The contained bacterial strain successfully displaces pathogenic bacteria. The bacteria provide effective protection against health problems in the oral cavity. Various scientific studies have come to this conclusion.
Instructions for use:
Chew a chewing gum for 3 minutes at least 20 times a day after meals.

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