Dr. Gruber Calcium Chelate plus Vitamin D 90 Tablets

Dr. Gruber Calcium Chelate plus Vitamin D 90 Tablets

Dr. Gruber

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Dr. W. Gruber's CALCIUM chelate plus vitamin D
One tablet contains:
1000 mg calcium chelate, which corresponds to 170 mg elemental calcium.

1.25 mcg vitamin D

Recommended intake: 2 x 2 tablets daily with some liquid.
Package contents: 90 tablets

Osteoporosis (bone decalcification) is a disease that can be avoided by preventive measures. Due to a higher rate of absorption (absorption) of calcium with soy protein, greater efficiency is achieved without side effect. Calcium in combination with magnesium is responsible for more than 300 co-enzymes, activates muscle and energy metabolism, the development of bone substance and tendons. Calcium and magnesium are necessary for the stabilization of cell membranes. Sunlight, vitamin D and manganese promote calcium absorption in the bones.

Calcium is important for all cells of the body and is an essential factor for blood clotting. Only in chelated form, calcium and magnesium do not interfere with each other when taken at the same time.

What happens in the event of a shortage? Osteoporosis, cramps (tetany), bad teeth, brittle nails, wilted skin, bone fragility.

What hinders the recording? Heavy metal exposure, gastrointestinal diseases, thyroid dysfunction, excessive consumption of sweets, table salt, canned foods and sodas, stress and increased protein intake break down calcium depots.

Tip. All-day work in artificial light - Calcium prevents the rapid breakdown of bone substance due to lack of UV light and thus prevents osteoporosis.

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