Dr. Gruber Chromium 50 tablets

Dr. Gruber Chromium 50 tablets

Dr. Gruber

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Chromium is vital for carbohydrate metabolism as a glucose tolerance factor (in blood sugar utilization) and plays another role in cholesterol metabolism. Chromium is supported in its function in combination with manganese and zinc. Manganese and vitamin B play an important role in protein, fat and carbohydrate metabolism.

What happens in the event of a shortage? Obesity, sugar metabolism disorders (diabetes), elevated cholesterol (LDL), arteriosclerosis, nerve and brain diseases, skin aging.

What hinders the recording? High consumption of white bread, pasta, increased consumption of sweets, endurance sports.

Tip. If you have a craving for sweets - chromium naturally reduces the feeling of hunger!

One tablet contains:
5 mg of chromium chelate, which is equivalent to 100 mcg of elemental chromium.

Recommended intake: 1 tablet daily with some liquid.

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