Dr. Gruber Iron Combination 50 tablets

Dr. Gruber Iron Combination 50 tablets

Dr. Gruber

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One tablet contains:25 mg iron chelate, which corresponds to 5 mg elemental iron
13.33 mg copper chelate, which corresponds to 2 mg elemental copper
50 mg vitamin C (ascorbic acid)

Recommended intake:
1 tablet daily with a little liquid

Iron is a vital nutritional mineral and an important component for oxygen transport in the cell. The combination of iron and copper acts as a radical scavenger to protect the body's cell, vitamin C increases usability and promotes the absorption capacity of iron.

What happens in the event of a shortage? Reduced performance, susceptibility to infections, fatigue, headache, difficulty concentrating, lack of oxygen in the blood, migraine, loss of appetite.

What hinders the recording? gastrointestinal inflammation, consumption of black tea; In old age, growth. There is an increased need for competitive sports, pregnancy, menstruation and low meat consumption.

Tip. During pregnancy, menstruation or diet - iron in chelated form promotes the transport of oxygen into the cell and thus increases well-being.

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