Dr. Gruber Magnesium Combi 50 tablets

Dr. Gruber Magnesium Combi 50 tablets

Dr. Gruber

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One tablet contains:150 mg magnesium chelate, which corresponds to 90 mg elemental magnesium
250 mg calcium chelate, which corresponds to 50 mg elemental calcium
10 mg manganese chelate, which corresponds to 2 mg elemental manganese

Recommended intake:
1 tablet daily with a little liquid.

The vital nutritional minerals magnesium and calcium are responsible for more than 300 co-enzymes and activate muscle and energy metabolism, are responsible for building bone substance, tendons and nerve conduction. Magnesium and calcium are necessary for the stabilization of cell membranes. Calcium is important for all cells of the body and is an essential factor for blood clotting.
Magnesium and calcium in chelated form (soy protein) do not interfere with each other when taken at the same time, as do all other vital substances in chelated form.

What happens in the event of a shortage? Muscle cramps, depression, calf cramps, cardiac arrhythmias, circulatory disorders, stress, stool problems, high blood sugar, diabetes, lack of concentration, heart problems.

What hinders the recording? laxatives, alcohol, diuretic drugs, sweets, nicotine; Sweaty work, competitive sports, diabetes cause excessive magnesium excretion. Magnesium-poor soils in areas of Austria reduce magnesium uptake.

Tip. To cope better with the day - magnesium taken in the morning gives energy (reduces performance kink). Likewise, cramps are prevented in a timely manner. Magnesium is a must for heart disease and high blood pressure (dosage to be agreed with doctor)
Ingredients: Calcium, elemental, magnesium elemental, manganese, elemental


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