Dr. Gruber Potassium Chelate 80 Tablets

Dr. Gruber Potassium Chelate 80 Tablets

Dr. Gruber

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One tablet contains: 1000 mg potassium chelate, which corresponds to 99 mg elemental potassium Recommended intake:
2 x 2 tablets daily with a little liquid

95% of the body's potassium

is found within the cells (in the red blood, muscle, heart, brain and intestinal cells, etc.). It is needed to convert sugar into glycogen in the liver and muscle cell. Potassium, together with sodium, is responsible for the body's water and electrolyte balance (salt balance). Important for the transmission of stimuli to muscles and nerve cells, e.g. to the heart muscle, and protein metabolism. The regulation of potassium levels is also influenced by medications, e.g. laxatives or various heart medications (digitalis, diuretics). If you are taking such medications, you should have your potassium level in whole blood checked regularly by your doctor.

What happens in the event of a shortage? Cramps, constipation, mental and physical fatigue, heart disease, kidney or muscle weakness, water in the tissues (edema), inflammation of the joints, low blood pressure, anxiety, difficulty concentrating, flatulence, constipation, increased urine volume, possibly with difficulty urinating are often signs of potassium deficiency.

What hinders the recording? Increased potassium excretion is caused by excessive salt intake, laxatives, diuretic medication (medication for high blood pressure), heavy physical work, competitive and hobby sports. Since laxatives excrete a lot of potassium, the intestine becomes sluggish because it also needs potassium for its activity. As a result, you take laxatives again, losing even more potassium. People with low hearts often have potassium deficiency, since our heart also needs potassium as a muscle

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