Dr. Jacob's Base Powder plus 300 g

Dr. Jacob's Base Powder plus 300 g

Dr. Jacob's

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The unique recipe convinces with:

  • Good solubility of minerals (based on citrate and lactate)
  • Soluble acacia gum fiber, vitamins D and B1
  • Healthy calcium lactate without milk components
  • 50 servings (€0.36/serving) for up to 50 days
  • Without flavourings, colourings and preservatives
  • Subtly sweetened with steviol glycosides from stevia extract
  • Tastes fruity-fresh due to real lemon

Potassium-rich and low in sodium – for normal blood pressure

The ratio of sodium to potassium is particularly important for maintaining normal blood pressure. Nutritionists therefore recommend a diet rich in potassium, low in sodium, to which the human organism has been accustomed since time immemorial. The American Heart Association recommends consuming 4.7 g of potassium and a maximum of 1.5 g of sodium (equivalent to 3.8 g of salt) daily. This U.S. recommendation for potassium is not achieved by over 80% of Germans, while a large part of the population is significantly oversupplied with sodium.

The nutrients contained in Dr. Jacob's Base Powder plus make the following scientifically proven contribution to your health and normal body function:

  • Zinc – acid-base metabolism, maintenance of nails, hair and skin
  • Potassium – muscle function, nervous system, maintenance of normal blood pressure
  • Magnesium – reduction of fatigue, energy metabolism, normal mental function, nervous system, muscle function, maintenance of bones and teeth
  • Calcium – maintenance of bones and teeth
  • Vitamin D – maintenance of bones, immune system
  • Vitamin B1 – energy metabolism, nervous system, heart function


1-2 times a day, pour 1 level measuring spoon (ML) of 6 g Dr. Jacob's base powder plus with 300 ml of low-sodium water. It is best to drink with meals. The finely ground lemon pieces can also be drunk.

In case of (drug-related) disorders of the potassium balance, hyperkalemia, alkalosis or renal failure, use only after medical advice. The full daily dose (= 2 servings) refers to the needs of adults and is suitable for persons aged 15 and over. For children from 4 years of age, the recommended intake is 0.5 scoops (3 g), from 10 years of age 1 scoop (6g).


Potassium citrate, calcium lactate, magnesium citrate, acacia fiber (acacia gum 7%), lemon powder (5%), magnesium carbonate, acidity regulator citric acid, sweetener steviol glycosides, zinc citrate, thiamine hydrochloride, cholecalciferol.

Average values per 1 measuring spoon (= 6g):

Sodium 6 mg, potassium 750 mg, calcium 270 mg, magnesium 188 mg, zinc 1.5 mg, vitamin D 2.5 μg, vitamin B1 0.42 mg, fiber 0.35 g.

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