Exmonte marmot ointment 100 ml

Exmonte marmot ointment 100 ml


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A proven remedy from nature.

For centuries, the oil extracted from the fat of the marmot has played a very important role for us humans. Due to its physical and chemical properties, the fat of marmots is used in a variety of ways for a wide variety of ailments. The very water-poor fat (10-12%) is rich in vitamins D and E

due to the plants absorbed by the marmot. Our ointment is completely free of paraffins.

Easy to use – maximum well-being

Lightly massage your muscles and joints into the skin twice a day (in the evening before going to bed and in the morning after getting up). After just a few days, the positive effect will be noticeable.

For the sake of your muscles and joints!

The beneficial effect on stressed joints, muscle tension in the area of the cervical vertebrae, shoulders, upper arms, forearms and legs occurs after just a few days. This proven folk liniment is especially used for overuse of muscles and joints. The massaged areas are loosened and refreshed and the blood circulation of the skin is activated, which in turn promotes natural regeneration.

Our marmot ointment, for which all ingredients have been carefully selected, is produced under the strictest criteria.

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