MADLABS Crush'D Sour Gummy 275 g

MADLABS Crush'D Sour Gummy 275 g


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Bad as f**k pre-workout best describes MADLABS' Crush'D. It's an extremely powerful American pre-workout. The perfect combination of all ingredients made this pre-workout even better. MADLABS has synergistically tuned the entire formula to make the training experience better than ever.

▪️Insane focus

▪️"Infinite" energy during training

▪️Brutal muscle pumping

▪️Increased strength

Citrulline Malate

It naturally increases the level of arginine and ornithine and therefore the synthesis of NO. Thanks to this, it very quickly improves blood circulation in the muscle, increases the level of strength and improves endurance. Prolongs the effectiveness of arginine by 1 to 24 hours. It represents an energy source in the muscle, thereby prolonging the duration of its load (number of repetitions), subsequently increasing energy production during aerobic load in the form of ATP and phosphocreatine. Protects the blood from acidity, which makes it possible to cope with intense loads.


It is a powerful stimulant also known by other names: 1,3 Dimethylamylamine, geranium, geramina, geranamine. It affects the central nervous system by blocking noradrenaline. DMAA further stimulates the release of dopamine from the nervous system, thanks to which it increases concentration, energy, provides good mood and improves training.


Central nervous system stimulant and alkaloid. It is a widespread drug and additive in food and dietary supplements. It has stimulant effects on the central nervous system and is used as part of many stimulant drinks.

Full name Dimethylaminoethanol, is a substance that occurs in nature. In small quantities, it is present in the human brain. From a pharmacological point of view, it belongs to nootropics (brain nutricients). In nature, DMAE occurs mainly in marine fish, primarily in sardines and anchovies. In the USA, in the 60s and 70s, this substance contained a prescription drug under the name Deaner. DMAE is now available in dietary supplements.


Mix 1 scoop (11g) in 250-300ml of water and drink 30-40 minutes before training. There are 25 doses in the package. The maximum daily dose is 1 measuring cup.

THIS PRODUCT IS INTENDED FOR HEALTHY ADULTS OVER 18 YEARS OF AGE. DO NOT EXCEED THE RECOMMENDATIONS FOR USE. If you experience an adverse reaction to this product, stop using it immediately and consult a qualified and licensed healthcare professional. It is not recommended for use by pregnant or breastfeeding women who are trying to conceive, or by men or women who are sensitive to caffeine.

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