Omorovicza Blue Diamond Resurfacing Peel 50 ml

Omorovicza Blue Diamond Resurfacing Peel 50 ml


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Unveil firmer, more radiant skin.

Say goodbye to dull skin without the necessary firming. Omorovicza Blue Diamond Resurfacing Peel instantly restores firmness and radiance to the skin.

Kerotolytic enzymes provide gentle exfoliation, while effective AHA acids promote cell renewal and help improve the skin's appearance without unwanted irritation. Enjoy radiant skin and youthful appearance.


  • brightens skin tone and restores the desired radiant appearance
  • supports the renewal and protection of skin cells
  • helps improve the appearance of the skin without irritating it
  • firms the skin and visibly improves its tone
  • Returns a more youthful appearance


  • diamond peptides – help extend the life of skin cells and protect their DNA
  • arabinogalactans – accelerate oxygenation of the skin and protect it from hypoxic stress
  • amino acids and copper compound – promote the formation of collagen and elastin, restore elasticity
  • Lactobionic acid – provides a scrub to brighten the skin and stimulate cell exchange
  • kerotolytic enzymes – tighten the skin and strengthen its barrier, improve skin firmness and tone
  • patented medicinal concentrate™ Omorovicza – leaves skin firmer, more elastic and younger


Skin type for all skin types
Effect brightening, exfoliating
Sun protection without SPF
When to use for day and night

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