Omorovicza Even Tone Active Face serum


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Serum to reduce dark spots, imperfections & pore size

The causes of uneven skin tone can vary, but the active serum Omorovicza Even Tone targets everyone. Thanks to the regulatory properties of marine microalgae, it reduces melanin production, but only where its occurrence is out of balance. This ensures that there is no unwanted lightening of the entire skin, but only correction of hyperpigmentation and dark spots. In addition to color unification, the serum also takes care of smoothing the texture and reducing enlarged pores.


  • unifies unbalanced color tone, targets all its causes
  • contributes to the reduction of melanin production in the skin, reduces hyperpigmentation
  • Corrects dark spots, aged and from sun damage
  • performs gentle exfoliation, smoothes rough texture, minimizes pores
  • counteracts redness and other remnants of imperfections
  • it is suitable for skin of all types and all color tones
  • Has a refreshing, fast-absorbing texture


  • microalgae extract – corrects hyperpigmentation and age spots, is active only in areas where melanin is unbalanced, does not cause overall skin lightening
  • mandelic and gluconic acids – perform gentle exfoliation, stimulating cell renewal and smoothing skin texture, do not cause irritation and are suitable for daily use
  • niacinamide – reduces the remnants of imperfections, counteracts redness, dark spots and unbalanced discoloration, regulates sebum production and helps minimize pores
  • patented CONCENTRATE™ – mineral elixir from Budapest thermal waters, promotes collagen synthesis, improves skin elasticity, adds youthful vitality, strengthens the skin barrier
Skin type for all skin types, combination
Effect anti-age, revitalization, anti-pigment spots, unification
When to use for day and night
Active substances Niacinamide

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