Dr.Max Herpes Care patch 15 pieces -

Dr.Max Herpes Care patch 15 pieces

Dr. Max

  • $32.50

Dr.Max Herpes Care Honeypot is a Tea Tree Oil protective patch.

Detailed product information

An invisible shingle protective patch with a hypoallergenic adhesive layer that is infused with tea tree oil (Tea Tree Oil). It can be used in all phases of the haze. The patch reduces the risk of transmission and spread of the virus, protects the haze from external influences and thus prevents secondary infection.

Tea oil has antiseptic properties, protects the delicate tissues of the lips from spreading, relieves pain and prevents the formation of a scab.

Main advantages of the patch:

  • It can be covered with lipstick.
  • It's invisible.
  • One time use.
  • Hygienically packaged.
  • Use in all phases of the haze.


Remove the protective patch and place it in the affected area. Be careful not to touch the affected area with your fingers or to transfer the infection to other parts of the body or other person.


The patch is intended for single use only.

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