Glucosamine PLUS Curcumin 120 tablets vitamins food supplement diet joints 2 month supply -

Glucosamine PLUS Curcumin 120 tablets vitamins food supplement diet joints 2 month supply

Dr. Max

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Authentic Dr. Max
Glukosamin Plus Curcumin
Vitamins / Food Supplement
120 tablets (2 months supply)

Dr.Max Glucosamin Plus Curcumin Enriched (Glucosamine Sulfate, Vitamin C, Curcumin-Phospholipid Complex and Pepper Extract) for articular cartilage.

Detailed product information

Dr.Max Glucosamin Plus Curcumin is a nutritional supplement containing glucosamine sulphate, vitamin C, and the new tablets contain curcumin-phospholipid complex and black pepper extract for special cartilage care. The product is especially suitable for the elderly.

  • Glucosamine sulfate naturally occurs in the human body, is the basic building block of articular cartilage.
  • The curcumin-phospholipid complex contains min. 70% curcuminoids from curcuma long and 15% lecithin. Curcuma contributes to maintaining the normal condition of the bones and joints. Combining lecithin improves the absorption of curcuminoids from the digestive tract to maximize the effect.
  • The black pepper extract has antioxidant effects and promotes the absorption of curcumin.
  • Vitamin C contributes to normal collagen production for normal bone and cartilage function.


Take 2 tablets a day or divided into two daily doses for at least 2 months. Repeat the bout 2-3 times a year. In the case of heavily loaded joints, it is advisable to use the product permanently.


Glucosamine sulfate 375 mg, curcumin-phospholipid complex 50 mg, vitamin C 12 mg, black pepper extract 5 mg in one tablet.

Glucosamine sulfate 2KCl (microcrystalline cellulose), turmeric phospholipid complex, polyvinyl alcohol polyethylene glycol copolymer, sodium L-ascorbate, magnesium fatty acid salts, hypromellose, Piper nigrum L. extract , calcium hydrogen phosphate dihydrate, talc, oxides irons.


This product is not intended for children, pregnant women and nursing women. Do not exceed the recommended daily dose. It is not intended as a substitute for a varied diet. Take care of a balanced and varied diet and a healthy lifestyle. Keep out of the reach of children!

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