SENCOR SHX 001 filter for SHF 1010

SENCOR SHX 001 filter for SHF 1010


  • $29.50

With an air humidifier, you will no longer be bothered by bacteria and dust inside your home. Bayby has created an ultrasonic aroma humidifier that is suitable for rooms up to 25 m2. With a humidifying capacity of 300 ml / h, it effectively removes dryness from the air, which is especially appreciated by allergy sufferers and asthmatics who have high air quality requirements.

Long operating time

Before starting the machine, fill the large 2.3 liter water tank with liquid. The device will then work for up to 7.5 hours at a time without topping-up. When switched on, based on the principle of a high-frequency ultrasonic oscillator, it will produce cold steam that eliminates dust and bacteria without affecting the room temperature.


Instead of water, you can also pour essential aromatherapy ingredients into the jar. Quiet operation not exceeding 35 dB will help create a soothing atmosphere. According to your own preferences, regulate the humidification capacity continuously. Operation is completely safe, the appliance automatically switches off after all water has evaporated. The LED indicates that you need to refill.

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