Dr. Michaels Soratinex nail cream 50g

Dr. Michaels Soratinex nail cream 50g


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What you should know about the medical device SORATINEX DR. MICHAELS NAIL CREAM 50g
This leaflet informs the user about the benefits and possible risks when using the medical device SORATINEX DR. MICHAELS NAIL CREAM. Keep this leaflet together with the package of SORATINEX DR. MICHAELS NAIL CREAM to view later. Always read the information for use carefully and note all warnings. Use SORATINEX DR. MICHAELS NAIL CREAM only until the expiration date indicated. Never dilute the product or mix it with other products. Always apply the products only with clean hands or with an applicator that is regularly washed carefully with soap or a mild detergent. If you use applicators to apply the product, make sure that they are always washed after use and always let them dry completely before the next use. Do not share the medical device with anyone else.

What is the medical device SORATINEX DR. Does MICHAELS NAIL CREAM use?
SORATINEX DR. MICHAELS NAIL CREAM has been developed to help soften dry or flaky skin around the nails. At the same time, it takes care of wrinkled, brittle, breaking and faded nails. It is used to care for nails suffering from psoriasis, pachyonychia, onychomycosis and other nail problems caused by bacterial or fungal (fungal) infections. The product has an antimicrobial and antipruritic effect. The product soothes the skin around the nails. Preparations SORATINEX DR. To achieve the best results, MICHAELS are recommended to be used according to the prescribed instructions for use of the medical device, i.e. SORATINEX DR.MICHAELS GEL 200ml, SORATINEX DR.MICHAELS NAIL SOLUTION and SORATINEX DR. MICHAELS NAIL CREAM 50g, because these products complement each other.

This product is only effective as part of a set.

Use of medical device
Medical device SORATINEX DR. Use MICHAELS NAIL CREAM once a day. Clean the nails with a soft brush and SORATINEX. Dr. MICHAELS GEL 200ml and make sure that the skin under the front edge of the nail is also cleaned and let the gel work for 2-3 minutes. Then rinse the gel with water and dry gently. Apply a small amount of SORATINEX DR. MICHAELS NAIL SOLUTION on a cosmetic pad and apply to nails and surrounding area. Make sure that the cuticle and entire nails are also covered with the solution. Allow the solution to dry for 5 minutes. Continue by applying SORATINEX DR. MICHAELS NAIL CREAM 50g to ensure the best possible results. Massage the cream into the skin around the nail and let it absorb freely.

Before you start using the medical device
Before you start using the medical device SORATINEX DR. MICHAELS NAIL CREAM ALWAYS test a small amount of the product on a small area of ​​the skin before use, as a test for possible reactions. Leave on the skin for 24-48 hours, then wash off. If any reaction occurs, please contact the manufacturer immediately. If you have no reaction, apply SORATINEX DR. MICHAELS NAIL CREAM according to the instructions for use.

Follow the recommended frequency of use:
If you use the medical device SORATINEX DR. MICHAELS NAIL CREAM less often than you should, it may not work as well and problems with dry, flaky and inflamed skin may persist. If you will use SORATINEX DR. MICHAELS NAIL CREAM more often than you should, problems with dry, flaky and / or inflamed skin will not stop faster, on the contrary, you can irritate the skin even more.

Not intended for children under 3 years of age. Do not bring the medical device near the eyes. Do not use on broken skin. If you experience skin irritation, see a doctor. Folliculitis may occur in less than 1% of patients.

Safety and storage
Keep out of the reach of children. In case of ingestion of the product, seek the emergency medical service of the nearest hospital. DO NOT induce vomiting. Close the cap carefully after each use. Do not store in direct sunlight or near heat sources. Store at a temperature of up to 25 C, but do not freeze.

Appearance of the medical device
SORATINEX DR. MICHAELS NAIL CREAM 50g is a light beige cream with a characteristic scent.

Složení krému
Apple cider vinegar, Acetone, Polysorbate 60, Citrus sinensis (C. aurantium var. Sinensis) – orange oil, Citrus reticulata – Tngerine oil, Citrus aurantifolia – Lime oil, Melaluca alternifolia – Tea tree oil, Sandalwood oil, Cinnamon oil, Oregano oil, Mustard seed oil, Purufied water

Licensed to Tirsel Pty. Ltd., 374 Nepean Hwy , Frankston, VIC 3199, Australia
Made in the EU for FRANKL Pharma sro, Štefánikova 248/32, 150 00 Prague 5, Czech Republic by Biotika Bohemia sro, Durychova 101, 142 00 Prague 4 Czech Republic, 

Medical device of risk class 1 : Manufacturer's certificate number: ISO 13485:2016 200330/A/0001/UK issued by URS - UNITED REGISTRAR OF SYSTEMS, UKAS member authorization number 0043, IAF member,, www.urs


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