Celyoung Intensive Foot and Heel Cream 100 ml

Celyoung Intensive Foot and Heel Cream 100 ml


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Beautiful healthy feet! So you can be seen!

Celyoung Intensive Heel and Foot Cream is a specially developed intensive foot and heel cream - for the treatment of very dry and cracked foot skin.
Unkempt feet are not only a cosmetic problem, but can sometimes also take away the joy of walking barefoot - if cracks have formed. Not only do they look unattractive, but they also really cause problems when walking and running.
In Germany, this affects not only athletes or the elderly, but many who simply put a lot of strain on their feet every day. The naked truth is not only revealed in the summer, when we take out our open-toed shoes or walk barefoot on the beach, but every day!
Therefore, pamper and care for your feet regularly! Celyoung Intensive Heel and Foot Cream is suitable for the care of very dry foot skin as well as for the intensive treatment of cracked heels and cracks.

Clinical Studies

Clinical studies in women and men gave the following results:
  • 100% say: dry and cracked skin on the heels cared away
  • 70% agree skin is soft and supple for a long time after use
  • 70% noticed a significant improvement in cracked skin in the heel area after the first application
  • 100% noticed that even bad cracks close in the heel area
  • 80% had more relaxed and well-groomed foot skin
  • 100% confirm that even very dry feet are cared for

Dr. Jackisch: "From the point of view of the supervising dermatologists, a significant improvement in the skin structure, resistance and resilience of the skin of the feet can be observed.

Dry skin areas have been rehydrated and regenerated through regular care with Celyoung Intensive Heel and Foot Cream. The natural cracking of the skin of the feet was significantly improved in most subjects. Celyoung Intensive Heels and Foot Cream is an exceptionally effective foot care!


Important application tips for the optimal effect of the Celyoung Intensive Heels and Foot Cream!

The consistency of Celyoung Foot Cream is very firm, more pasty than watery creamy. This is the intention of the developers of the cream, as a creamy substance is absorbed into the foot far too quickly and cannot have the desired repairing effect on cracks and severe keratinization.

You have already tried a lot and nothing has really helped your troubled feet so far? Then the Celyoung Foot Cream is just right for you!

Celyoung Foot Cream has been specially developed for stubborn problem cases, such as severe calluses and bad cracks. Clinical studies and more than 1 million packs sold prove the outstanding effect.

Here are some important tips:
1.If you have a strong callus and fringed corners, you can first take a pleasant foot bath and work the skin with a good corneal rasp. (best done after a foot bath!!). that they get a lot of calluses down. Then dry your feet very well... wait a little while for the skin to be really dry and then apply a little Celyoung Foot Cream to the entire foot! If you don't feel like rasping and a foot bath, that's not a bad thing either. the cream still works, but the grating can significantly accelerate the process of callus reduction and help the cream to penetrate better into the deeper layers of the skin!

If the cornea is severe, apply cream to the feet 1 to 2 times a day until the cornea, pressure points and dryness have reduced according to your expectations. Then 1 time a week to prevent new calluses and to keep the feet nice and supple.

2. In case of strong heels, tears that may even be open.... bathe briefly in lukewarm water (without additives) so that dirt particles and fiber residues are flushed out of the cracks.

Then apply the Celyoung heels and foot cream to the dry foot (must be completely dry!). especially carefully and thicker directly on the cracked areas on the heels. It is best to do it at the beginning of the treatment 2x times a day until cracks are completely closed (can take 1 to 4 weeks, depending on the depth of the cracks) or are no longer present. After that, Celyoung heels and foot cream should be used once a week or every 2 weeks, depending on the dryness of the feet, to prevent the heels from tearing out again.

Before: male Celyoung subject with open, severe cracks, keratinization and dry patches before treatment with Celyoung: left foot

After 1 week of treatment with
Celyoung Intensive Heels and Foot Cream: (2x daily)

After 1 week (left foot) all cracks are already closed! Now the excess keratinization only needs to be removed with a corneal rasp and the foot has to be cared for regularly to prevent it from tearing out again and the dry areas go away completely!

Sock TIP: If necessary, immediately after applying the cream, pull socks over them and let them take effect! Theoretically, you can leave these socks on all day and let the cream work!! This is how the cream has the most intense effect!!! And you don't need to wait.. the cream is absorbed almost by itself.... You only need older white socks, as these can easily discolor over time due to the foot cream.

But do not use dark (black or blue) socks. over time, the dye can come off the socks and discolor their feet!!!

(If necessary, go to the medical foot care regularly and always take your Celyoung foot cream with you and have it applied!!)

After applying the cream:
Washing your hands is not of much use! Therefore, it is best to rub your hands dry in a towel or kitchen paper after applying the cream, so you can easily get most of the cream off your hands and they will also benefit from the intensive active ingredients!

You really only need to use a very small amount of the pasty cream and apply it to the problem areas on your feet. Special care is recommended on the heels, which are very often plagued by cracked skin to bad cracks.

The cream is absorbed very slowly, either you wipe off excess cream with an old towel, or you put white socks over it (see TIP) and let the cream work intensively. If possible, do not use good or favorite socks, because over time the sock will discolor a little!!!

But you will quickly notice that you have never had such soft and well-groomed feet as with Celyoung!!! In severe cases, it is recommended to use it in the morning and evening, if the cracks have disappeared, take the Celyoung Foot Cream only once from time to time. when you see that your foot skin becomes dry again. to prevent another tear in the future!!!

THE WELLNESS TIP: Before applying cream to your feet and legs, you can make an invigorating and circulation-promoting foot and leg scrub with the 100% natural Celyoung Aroma Shower Scrub. It refreshes very nicely and loosens calluses and dandruff. (not suitable for open, bleeding cracks or wounds!)

The cream can also be used on very dry hands (e.g. cracks, keratinization). However, it must not come into contact with mucous membranes on the face!

Celyoung Intensive Heel and Foot Cream is also suitable for diabetics!

It is unscented, without preservatives, without dyes, without parabens, without essential oils and without alcohol! All Celyoung products are perfectly matched to each other and allergy tested! We wish you every success in the treatment of your feet and would be happy to hear from you.

The ingredients of each cosmetic product are declared according to INCI (International Nomenclature of Cosmetic Ingredients). On the basis of the INCI listing, you can get information about the exact composition (especially important for allergy sufferers)

Ingredients (INCI):
Lanolin, Aqua(Water), Urea.

Contains no preservatives, dyes, alcohol additives or parabens. Unscented!
Very suitable for extremely sensitive and allergy-prone skin types.

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