Dr. Jacob's Broccoli Seeds Sulfoforte Bio 250 g

Dr. Jacob's Broccoli Seeds Sulfoforte Bio 250 g

Dr. Jacob's

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Organic broccoli seeds

✓ Contain natural sulforaphane: 1946 mg sulforaphane per 100 g*
✓ Controlled organic cultivation
✓ Selected premium quality

Glucosinolates in broccoli seeds

Sulforaphane and glucoraphan are phytochemicals that belong to the group of glucosinolates (mustard oil glycosides). Broccoli is a very good source of glucosinolates. These are contained in particular in the seeds and seedlings. The content is greatly reduced in cooked vegetables, as the compounds are heat-sensitive and water-soluble. Unheated broccoli seeds are therefore a good alternative.

* Batch analysis (UBF, 10.03.16): 1946 mg sulforaphane per 100 g. Analysis values are subject to the usual fluctuations for natural products.


Daily 5-6 g of broccoli seeds.
In order for the mustard oil glycosides contained in broccoli seeds to be absorbed by the body, they must be broken down before consumption. Possibilities for this are, for example, grinding/crushing the seeds or germination. Broccoli germs can be used very well as a garnish for salads or soups.


Organic broccoli seeds (Organic Brassica rapa sylvestris).

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