Oranjito Coconut Bronze Accelerator Tanning lotion 200 ml

Oranjito Coconut Bronze Accelerator Tanning lotion 200 ml


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Tanning lotion for intense bronze look and nourishment

An intense and long-lasting tan will help you get a tanning lotion for the Oranjito Coconut Bronze Accelerator. In addition to a tan accelerator with a high content of active superbronzers, it is also enriched with bio-ingredients. Not only does it promote browning of the skin, but it also moisturizes, nourishes and leaves it velvety soft.


  • accelerates and promotes browning of the skin
  • prolongs the duration of tan obtained in the solarium
  • has moisturizing, nourishing and anti-ageing effects
  • protects the skin from free radicals
  • creates a velvety film on it
  • easy to spread and well absorbed


  • tan accelerator Tyrosine – promotes fast and safe browning of the skin
  • Active penetration system – retains tan for longer
  • vitamin E – protects the skin from free radicals and the appearance of wrinkles
  • Panthenol, Allantoin, Fucogel, extracts of aloe vera and green tea – soothing effects
  • vegetable oils (organic babassu, bio coconut, bio jojoba, hemp, macadamia, almond, apricot, avocado, MCT), organic vegetable butters (shea, cocoa) – nourish and regenerate the skin
  • beta-carotene
Skin type for all skin types
Active substances shea butter, aloe vera, vitamin E, almond oil, coconut oil, panthenol, green tea, cocoa butter, CBD

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